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People were right when they say there is no other place on earth as beautiful looking as İstanbul-

Everyone knows that İstanbul is one of the best cities in the World. İstanbul leads to romantic cities which are included in songs and films therefore there are travellers who are used to travel to that city. There are a lot of things that you can learn and experience in istanbul. That is to say, when you go to istanbul once, istanbul will call you. The name of the city had been changed throughout the history.

Places to Visit in Istanbul

-Maiden’s Tower: When you visit İstanbul, you should go Maiden’s Tower, it is symbol of Uskudar. The tower is the only historical structure from byzantine period. You may reach Maiden’s tower from Uskudar and Kabatas.

-Basilica Cistern: In Basilica Cistern there are a lot of colmns and lights. According to one legend, Medusa is one of the three Gorgonas, the female monster of the underworld in Greek mythology. Head of Carnica Medusa is in there.

-Dolmabahce Palace: This place is very important for Turkish people because of founder of Repuclic of Turkey; Mustafa Kemal Atatürk died in the place, later on it was converted into a museum in 1952.

-Hagia Sophia Museum: Hagia Sophia is the one of the symbol of Turkey,you should visit Hagia Sophia. After fall of constantinople, first friday pray was made on Hagia Sophia. There is open between 09.00-16.00. the museum’s admisson fee is 40 Turkish Liras.

-Sultanahmet Mosque: This valuable structure was one of the best gifts given to İstanbul during the ottoman period. Sultanahmet Mosque was built by Ottoman Sultan I. Ahmet between 1609-1616.

-Gulhane Park: Gülhane Park (meaning “House of Roses Park” in Turkish) is the oldest urban park of İstanbul and it is also one of the largest parks of İstanbul.there was a lot of statues of important people so this place is important park.

-Grand Bazaar: This historical shopping center was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, there is the most famous historical shopping center.

-Topkapi Palace: After the conquest of İstanbul,Fatih Sultan Mehmet began to built in 1460 and completed in 1478. Topkapi Palace has been home to many sultans in history.

-Miniaturk: the museum included the most important and historical mosques, bridges and buildings.

-Galata Kulesi: If you go to Galata, Galata Tower is visible from many different angles. You should climb the tower.The tower was built as part of the defense Wall by Genoese. According to the legend; If you go in to the tower for the first time with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you will get married.

-Pierre Loti Hill: Pierre Loti is the balcony of Golden Horn and it has a great view. We suggest that you see there exactly. There are two islands that you can see from Pierre Loti’s view.

-Istanbul Archeology Museum: Archeology museum divided into three part as Archaeology Museum, Old Eastern Works Museum and Enameled Kiosk Museum.


Wake up early and have a good breakfast so you need energy during the day! (breakfast takes 1 hour) Your first stop may be Blue mosque, discovering this place is so amazing (1 hour). Secondly you can pay a visit grand bazaar in 2 hours and have a different shopping experience, this place is one of the most important shopping place of Turkey. Then also egypt spice bazaar is a good idea for shopping, it takes 1 hour. After shopping you should go bosphorus strait and feel İstanbul. We suggest you have lunch in Bosphorus area for example;

  • Chilai Bebek
  • Tarabya Big Chefs
  • Vogue Restaurant

Your lunch ends in 1.5 hours. After lunch you should visit dolmabahce palace, it takes 1 hour. This place’s importance is huge for Turkish people. In the evening, you can explore galata tower, in galata tower if you climb to tower, you can see full of Istanbul view panaromically (1 hour). If you want to have fun on first night in İstanbul, you can go to Ruby Ortakoy and if you prefer more quiet evening, you can go to bebek local and have a delicious view.

Day 2

Day 2

You had your salty and sweet Turkish breakfast and ready for second day (1 hour). Your first visit is Hagia sophia museum it takes 1.5 hours and you should see german fountain it takes 30 minutes immediately after Hagia Sophia. You should walk in gulhane park and listen to peace in 30 minutes, after walking, you should explore basilica cistern, this place has a weird but magical atmosphere and it takes 1 hour. Istanbul archeology museum may be next stop after Basilica Cistern in 1 hour. You can have lunch in Sultanahmet Meatball, this restaurant is historical and important. Your lunch ends in 1 hour. Then you should go to suleymaniye mosque, also this mosque has an impressive history, you can see the mosque in 30 minutes. Your last stop is topkapi palace on second day in İstanbul, it takes 1.5 hours. After seeing historical places, are you in to discover Asian continent? So if your answer is YES, follow our suggests

You go Asian continent via steamboat to Kadikoy and wander streets in 1 hour, see bull statue in kadikoy this made by Isidore Jules Bonheur a french sculptor in 1864. Isidore Jules Bonheur’s purpose was Show France’s strength to Germany. The statue is the power icon. During the First World War (1914-1918) the German Empire II. William gave the statue to Enver Pasha. The Bull Statue made it first inter-continental journey in 1970 and it was brought to Kadikoy. Seeing bull statue takes 30 minutes.

Let’s continue our trip with Bagdat Street after seeing bull statue. You can have dinner in;

  • Bagdat Street Brasserie Noir or
  • CafeCadde (in 1 hour)

Bagdat Street is one of the most popular area it has many shopping store. After dinner time you can go shopping from trend stores. It takes 2 hours. Let’s have fun! If you like electronic music, you can go to Bunk3r, this place has new generation music. If your selection is more casual places, you can go ;

  • Monc Live Suadiye
  • Madame Margot
  • Voice
  • ARK Music&Gigs
  • Sensation Caddebostan

Day 3

Day 3

We suggest a delicious Turkish breakfast in;

  • Uskudar Katibim
  • Cinaralti Cay Bahcesi (it means tea garden)
  • Cafe 5. Cadde

You should see Maidens Tower in Uskudar. This is the one and only build in Uskudar from Roman Empire. Maiden Tower was built by Manuel Komnesos between 1143-1180. There were two reasons to build Maidens Tower. First one is controling the Istanbul Bosphorus, secondly taking tax from commercial ships. According to the legend, Maiden’s tower and Galata Tower were fall in love. Once upon o time Hazerfan Ahmet Celebi climbed the Galata Tower to fly to Uskudar above Bosphorus. Galata Tower gave letters (written for Maiden’s Tower) to Hazerfan Ahmet Celebi. While Hazerfan Ahmet Celebi was flying, letters hurled around. Even so Maiden’s tower understood Galata Tower’s love. Since that day these towers are shining because of they know their own love to each other.

After watching Maiden’s tower you can come back to european side. You can go Miniaturk that is a small model of big country, it takes 1.5 hours. Also you should visit Pierre loti, you can see two small islands on Pierre loti’s view and you will admire to the scene.

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